7 Reasons Why Wine Is A Toddler Mom’s Best Friend

If you're not a mom, you probably think we've all become alcoholics since having kids.


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If you’re not a mom, I’m sure you think we’re all just a bunch of alcoholics. Almost like we need wine to get through motherhood.

We do.

Moms have the toughest job in the world, and that is no exaggeration. We are tasked with the duty of contributing respectable and productive adults to our society. We knew this going in. However, what we didn’t know is all the struggles we have to endure along the way.

I can only speak from my point of view being a toddler mom, however I’m sure I’ll be drinking even more wine as they get older. (teenage years, I’m not ready for you.) Each glass is like a gold star for getting through the day and not completely losing your sh*t.

So, if you hear a toddler mom saying she needs wine, I’d like to give you a glimpse of why that may be. Stick around til the end, there’s a special offer for all my wine lovers, moms or not!


  1. Because her toddler cried at everything she said or did (or didn’t do) for an hour straight. Once, my son had the biggest meltdown because his eyes were green and not purple. It was all downhill from there.
  2. Because she did one task, just to have it undone while she’s doing the next one. Laundry done, folded and put away? Leave it to a toddler to empty out you drawers in 2.5 seconds. For stay at home moms, this is where the “What do you do all day” question comes into play.
  3. Because her toddler asked for macaroni and cheese and after it’s done cooking, decided they didn’t want macaroni and cheese. Tantrum follows.
  4. Because she’s had to clean up pee/poop/puke all day, none of which were her own.
  5. Because she has to be up and at 100% even when she feels her worst.
  6. Because she has to do everything with her toddler hanging off her legs, crying because she is not giving her attention to something else besides them.
  7. Because the mom guilt is REAL. It hits all of us, we all wonder if we are doing a good enough job. We are too hard on ourselves and sometimes a glass of wine is all we need to just relax.


So if you see a mom having a hard time…bring her a bottle of wine. Better yet, tell her about this special offer from Wine Insiders. 6 expertly selected seasonal wines for about $9 a bottle, delivered right to your door. You can get that offer here. This is what Wine Insiders’ has to say about their wines:

You will love every wine that we send, or we’ll send an alternate or give you a refund. Every bottle will arrive in perfect condition, or we’ll send you an immediate replacement.

Sounds good to me! This would make a perfect date night activity (wine tasting from the comfort of your own home? Yes, please) or something to help satisfy your wanderlust for the time being as some bottles come from California, Italy, Spain and Germany.

You all know I love everything fancy, so here are some other offers on wine that I’ve put together, including award winning bottles. Happy drinking 🙂


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