The Importance of Mother’s Day.

This year, Mother’s Day falls on my birthday. My husband and I were talking and he was telling me he had plans for that day but cancelled them because he realized it was my birthday. I informed him it was also Mother’s day.

Husband: Mother’s day isn’t important. 

Me: I gave birth to two of your kids, it is important.

Husband: Why dedicate one day for that? You’re a mother all year long. It’s just another unnecessary day.

Mother’s Day is important for a couple of reasons:

  • I’m a mother 365 days a year, and most of those days are thankless. I agree with the sentiment that it shouldn’t be just one day to show a mother you appreciate her. But that is easier said than done. This is a day (or rather a reminder) to stop and say thank you and that you appreciate everything I do.
  • I really look forward to it. It’s just like my birthday. I look forward to seeing what thought and love you and the kids put into me for this day.
  • And as I said before, I gave birth. You get a day for impregnating me. I get a day for growing a human for 9 months and then painfully pushing that human out of my body. I more than deserve it.

So to any and all men who share the opinion that Mother’s Day is just an ordinary day, I assure you that it is not.




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