How to Survive Pregnancy When You Have A Toddler

So you’re pregnant. Congratulations! And since you’re reading this right now, I know this isn’t your first rodeo.

But just like your first pregnancy, you have a whole new set of things you’re probably worrying about; preparing your toddler for the arrival of the new baby, wondering how they will adjust, if you can give your toddler enough attention as you did before the baby. I feel you, girl. But we’ll talk about those another day.

Right now, we are going to talk about how to survive pregnancy with a toddler.

Taking care of yourself during a pregnancy is important but it gets difficult when you have a toddler, too. Click to read how you can make it easier!


Pregnancy with a toddler is no easy task. You will have to endure at least one, if not all of these things;

  • Dealing with morning sickness while your toddler is demanding you let them in the bathroom.
  • Constantly being on your feet when all you want to do is rest.
  • Having your toddler elbow/kick/headbutt you in the belly while they try to climb on you/love you.
  • Struggling to make yourself a meal while also trying to make a meal for your picky toddler.
  • Household duties taking twice as long because you’re also keeping your toddler from climbing dressers, running out of the house, or playing in the toilet. (I swear that at a certain point they notice you are getting slower and take full advantage of it!)
  • Begging your toddler to go to sleep at bedtime so you can get some sleep before they wake you up at 6am.

While I write this, I am in my third trimester and have not one but TWO toddlers. I won’t lie to you, it has been so hard…But I do want to share few tips that have made my chaotic life a bit easier.


Plan, plan, plan.

Before you go to bed, plan what you are going to do the next day. It doesn’t need to be super detailed or down to the minute, but having a general idea will help the day go by more smoothly.

Keep your toddler busy.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to encourage your toddler to play independently. Not only does it help for when the new baby arrives, but it allows your body to get much needed rest while you are growing your tiny human. P.S if you need to sit them in front of an episode of Paw Patrol (or two) to get that rest, don’t feel bad. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Save yourself some time.

Set out clothes the night before. Cut up veggies, fruit, cheese etc at the beginning of the week to easily grab out of the fridge. Make slow cooker meals for dinner. Take any short cut you can find to make your day easier.

Ask for help.

I know that these days, moms feel pressure to handle everything on their own and make it seem effortless​. Don’t be afraid to admit you are overwhelmed or struggling. A little help from your loved ones will go a long way!


And there you have it. Congratulations on your pregnancy again and I hope you find this helpful as you get ready to welcome the new addition to your family!


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