Surprise! Baby #3 Is On The Way

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know that earlier this week, I announced we were welcoming a new addition to our family. If not, SURPRISE!


And that’s not all…this bun in my oven is already half baked! Baby #3 is due on August 14th and we really could not be more excited. Even J and Savi are totally in love, always giving kisses and talking to my stomach.



I feel great now, but it wasn’t always that way. The first trimester was so rough on me. When we found out, I was miserable. I was throwing up every day, especially when I smelled meat- even bacon, my favorite thing ever! I was also so unbelievably tired from trying to keep up with two very active toddlers that I hardly had time to be excited and grateful.

Around 14 weeks, I decided to switch to a doctor closer to home. Everything was going fine until the ultrasound. The machine kept shutting on and off, but the doctor told me she was sure that I had miscarried. She couldn’t see or find a heartbeat. She told me I would need to schedule a D&C if the baby didn’t pass on it’s own.

I was completely in shock. All I could keep thinking about was all the times I complained about being pregnant. All the times I said, “Oh, man now I can’t do this or that.” I had taken for granted how much I wanted and loved this baby.

I scheduled the operation and completely broke down. I tried so hard to keep it together in front of the kids and for my husband. But the whole mood of our house had shifted. I have never cried so much or felt that devastated in my entire life. I felt like it was my fault I lost the baby because I wasn’t grateful enough.

I went back to my old doctor’s office and explained I wanted a second opinion. Thankfully, within seconds the doctor assured me that baby was very much alive and well. Again, I was in shock but I don’t think I need to tell you how happy I was to hear that!

And so here we are; 20 weeks in, enjoying feeling little baby’s kicks and sending the cool dad on regular trips to get black cherry Greek yogurt, potato tacos and sour candy.


The cool dad doesn’t want to know the gender until birth. As the girl who convinced him to open our very first Christmas gifts 3 weeks earlier than the 25th, there’s no way I can wait to know! But I will be keeping my lips sealed, so no one ruins the surprise.

What do you think our little tie breaker will be? Team girl or team boy?

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