Make Summer Learning Fun With Play Smart Workbooks!

(Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Gakken, but all opinions within are 100% my own.)

Going on a road trip or a plane ride with your toddler in tow? Need to bring the kids to an important appointment, like the DMV? Well, put away those iPads because the people over at Gakken have come up with something much better- Play Smart Early Learning workbooks.

Play Smart books are intended to make learning fun for ages 2-5, while developing the necessary skills to help them excel when they start school. They are filled with multiple activities like cutting and pasting, mazes, matching puzzles and more.

I am not exaggerating when I say Play Smart books are literally the best ever. My son absolutely hates anything to do with writing or using a pencil. He simply does not have the patience or desire to practice his writing. I tried everything I could think of; activity books, tracing letters in sand, even making a game of it and buying fun pencils. Nothing motivated him.

When we sat down to open these books, that all changed. With reward stickers and a wipe-off activity mat, my son was excited to learn with Play Smart books. He now asks to do an activity right when he wakes up in the morning…And I couldn’t be more happy!

Don’t just take my word for it…You can try it out for yourself! I have linked a few printable sample puzzles that you can download here and enjoy with your toddler. Who said learning had to be a chore?

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