3 Reasons You Should Encourage STEM Learning + a LEGO Giveaway

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You may have seen the term STEM learning across the internet a couple times since becoming parents. For those of you who haven’t or just don’t know what exactly it means, let me do a quick crash course for you.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. These four subjects are usually taught separately but STEM education combines them together. The goal of a STEM education is to find solutions to real life problems using those four subjects, hoping that the students will find a passion for them and go for careers in those fields. Because you can never have too many scientists or engineers, right?

Keep reading for 3 reasons you should encourage STEM learning in your child.

STEM is already a part of our every day lives.

Think about it. Our whole world and the advancements we’ve made are based off of STEM. With that being said, it is so important to provide the new generation with the knowledge and tools they need to keep up with our ever growing, technology obsessed society.

STEM education is pro-woman.

Thats right. STEM education helps bridge gender and minority gaps found in the field today. How amazing is that?!

The United States is the leader in global technology.

In this article from Science Daily, it is stated that while the US is the leader right now, we are declining in  science and technology activities, while other countries are quickly catching up. That basically means we are not putting in enough effort to give our children a STEM education. Which means less scientists, less engineers, less everything.

There are so many benefits that come from a STEM education. Take a look at these STEM learning blogs to get you  and your children inspired and ready to learn. This is the future we are talking about here, and it’s in our hands.

Children engaging in STEM learning activity


And guess what?! One lucky reader will win a LEGO brick set from Snapology, a company that creates so many fun and interactive STEM learning activities for kids. If you live with a LEGO lover or know one, enter for a chance to win! Good luck <3

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