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SoCozy Review: Sensitive Hair Products For Kids + Giveaway

Does your little one have sensitive skin and hair? SoCozy's new Hush Collection can help with that!

This post is sponsored by SoCozy, but all thoughts and opinions within are my own. 


Today I’m going to talk to you a little about my daughter, Savannah.

Savi has super fine, stick straight hair and an extremely sensitive scalp. Her hair is the complete opposite of mine, so it has been a journey (to say the least) trying to find the right products that work for her.

That’s why I was so excited to try out SoCozy’s new Hush Collection. The line is allergy and dermatologist tested and promotes healthy hair and scalp with their soft formula.

There are 4 products in SoCozy’s Hush Collection; 2 in 1 Soothing Shampoo and Conditioner, Leave-in Detangler, Scalp Serum Treatment and Styling Foam. Read on to find out what I think about each product.


Hush Sensitive 2in1 Soothing Shampoo + Conditioner

Both of my kids absolutely HATE getting their hair washed. Everything is all good until the shampoo bottle comes into view. Then, they spend 15 minutes swimming from one end of the bathtub to the other trying to escape their fate. That is no exaggeration either. We have sliding shower doors so they can get away with it.


One of the best features of this product is that the bottle has a scalp massage brush attached to the top of it. My daughter was fascinated with it and she actually let me use it on her. No tears, no protests, no running away. The brush helps gently stimulate the scalp and lift up oil and dirt, leaving the scalp soothed, cleansed and replenishes moisture.


Hush Sensitive Detangler Ultra Gentle Leave In

I mentioned earlier that my daughter’s hair was straight and fine. You would think it would be easy to comb, right? Wrong. This girl gets the nastiest knots and no detangler has ever worked for us without leaving her hair super greasy. Of course, I thought this one would be no different.


Imagine my surprise when I combed through Savi’s hair effortlessly and with no complaints from her! And when her hair dried it was silky and shiny, not greasy and stringy like other detanglers.


Hush Sensitive Scalp Serum Balancing Treatment

Since even the slightest amount of product makes it look like we haven’t washed Savi’s hair in days, I was really skeptical about trying this serum out. Turns out, I didn’t need to be at all. SoCozy stays true to it’s promise of sensitive products- after using the serum, I noticed Savi had stopped scratching her head..completely.


Hush Sensitive Styling Foam

Usually by the end of the day, Savi’s ponytails aren’t as fresh looking as when they first get done. Her hair slips out of the rubber bands after about an hour. Forget about clips or barrettes..those slip out even faster. This styling foam was so lightweight and did a great job keeping all of her baby hairs in place. I’m excited to keep using this because now I can do different styles and actually have them stay intact.


The end result: love it or hate it?


I LOVE SoCozy. And here are two reasons why:
It’s So Easy: These products make parents and kids alike happier and hair care routines less stressful. I am one of those parents!
It’s So Safe: There are no “nasties” in their products. You can rest easy knowing that their formula is completely non-toxic and good for your little one’s scalp health.




And thanks to SoCozy, you can have a chance to try out the whole Hush Collection for free by entering the giveaway below! The giveaway will end March 26th at midnight PST and the winner will be chosen at random. More entries = more chances! If you don’t win, don’t worry. You can find SoCozy easily at Target and on their website, SoCozy. Good luck, lovelies!

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