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25 Romantic At Home Date Ideas For When You Don’t Have A Sitter


Before my husband and I had kids, we had more date nights than I can count. We went everywhere and did everything. If we wanted to try a new restaurant, we went that same weekend.

Fast forward 5 years and that luxury is a thing of the past. Can I let you in on a little secret? My husband and I have not been out on a date since before Thanksgiving.

Sounds crazy, right? Let me explain.

My husband and I are very particular about who watches our kids. So, just based off our personal preference, there is rarely a moment when they aren’t with one of us. My daughter has only spent any time away from us twice and she is….(cue drum roll) a year and a half! The first time, she was months old (which was a disaster, she cried the entire time) and the second was our last date.

I bet you’re wondering how we manage to keep our marriage happy and healthy if we don’t get time to connect with each other.

Well the answer to that is simple.

We tuck the kids into bed, and we go on a home! It keeps us connected, it’s a relief from our responsibilities, and it saves us money. I consider that a win.

Now, maybe your situation is different from ours. Maybe you did have a sitter but they canceled on you last minute. Maybe you’re feeling a little mom guilt and don’t want to leave the kids. Whatever the case may be, here are 25 at home date night ideas for when you don’t have a sitter.

Don't have sitter? No need to worry, you can still have date night! Check out these 25 at home date ideas that will make you happy you stayed in.


  1. Pull out the board games. They’re not just for family night, you know.
  2. Dress up super fancy and have dinner together.
  3. Make a dessert together. (We love making banana splits)
  4. Have a themed night. For example if the theme is Mexican, make your favorite tacos, drink margaritas, watch once upon a time in Mexico, etc.
  5. Break out the wine and put together a cheese and meat platter. I can never get enough of those trays..or wine for that matter.
  6. One word: fondue. You can melt your chocolate or cheese and pour it into a muffin tin. Then, place your fruit, bread, pretzels etc in the other spaces and enjoy!
  7. Take the 5 love languages quiz.
  8. Play the game Would you rather. It’s actually pretty fun and a great conversation starter.
  9. Buy canvasses and have a paint night.
  10. Get a deck of cards out. Here’s a list of 50 2-person card games.
  11. Give each other back rubs or a massage.
  12. Take a walk down memory lane and pull out old photos.
  13. Buy a journal that you can both share. Write something sweet in it every time you finish a date.
  14. Take those silly Facebook quizzes. You know the ones that tell you what kind of pizza you are or what word describes you best?
  15. Have a picnic in your back or front yard. Or indoor if it’s too cold.
  16. Color in coloring books.
  17. Challenge each other with video games.
  18. Make fancy popcorn and start watching a new show together. (We do this with Outsiders, although we’re two episodes behind, yikes!)
  19. Go camping! Set up a tent/fort in your living room, pull out the sleeping bags and make S’mores.
  20. Have a beer or wine tasting night.
  21. Karaoke. Need I say more?
  22. Learn something new together. Youtube has so many tutorials for almost everything!
  23. Dance together. When was the last time you did that?
  24. Put together a puzzle.
  25. Make a bucket list of all the things you want to do as a couple.


I really can’t stress enough how at home dates work magic for relationships when you have kids. Do you have any other ideas that aren’t on the list?


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