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25 Ways To Practice Self Care Every Day

A list of 25 easy self-care ideas you can do every day. Yes, I said every day. You deserve it!


As a mother, self care is something I cherish very much. There is always someone tugging at my clothes and needing me to do something for them. Combine that with being a student and working from home, it was easy for me to forget about my needs as a human being. That is, until I made myself a priority.

I was irritable, stressed out and wound up way too tight. I complained to my husband that I needed one day a week to go out and have “me” time. I needed a break from being mom, wife, maid, wrestling referee…

Well there were a couple problems with that. One, my husband works Monday-Saturday. So my only opportunity to really spend time with him would be the one day I was asking to spend by myself. This left me with major guilt. Two, that one day of self care was not enough to last the whole week.

If you can manage to take out a whole day to focus on self care, take advantage. But you don’t need to wait until that opportunity comes to do things for yourself. Self care needs to happen throughout the day, to balance out life’s every day stresses and emotions.

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Here is my go to list of ways I practice self care:

  1. Cook/Eat a meal by yourself.
  2. Take a long hot shower or bath. Deep condition your hair.
  3. Read a book.A list of ways to practice self care and improve your daily life.
  4. Binge watch a new TV show.
  5. Spend 10 minutes de-cluttering a space, and then sit and enjoy it.
  6. Take a nap.
  7. Drink water.
  8. Go outside and enjoy the fresh air.
  9. Don’t skip breakfast.
  10. Speak to yourself nicely.
  11. Stretch.
  12. Breathe.
  13. Laugh at yourself.
  14. Say “no”
  15. Color in a coloring book.
  16. Turn your phone off.
  17. Call a friend or family member.
  18. Paint your nails.
  19. Write a letter and mail it.
  20. Do an act of kindness.
  21. Take deep breaths.
  22. Learn something new.
  23. Get rid of anything that doesn’t bring you joy.
  24. Stay in your pajamas all day.
  25. Take yourself out on a date.


Are you making yourself a priority? Let me know how you practice self care in the comments below!


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