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Our Love Story: How My Husband & I Met



My husband and I like to believe we were meant to be together. I know, everyone believes that when they are in love. But to us, our story is different. Today is our anniversary and as I take a walk down memory lane, I thought I’d share our story with my readers.

Once upon a time…

Just kidding, guys.

I was 18 and wanted to get into hair and makeup, exactly like my aunt.  She did photo shoots, video shoots, events- you name it, she would do it. I was kind of shadowing her, helping her out and learning at the same time. One day she asked me to fill in on a music video shoot in Las Vegas because some of her models had canceled. Now…I was young, not really too confident in being in front of a camera, and it was altogether not my scene. But I agreed to do it because my aunt needed me to. We made the drive from San Diego to Las Vegas.


My aunt and I in the middle.

When we arrived, I could tell we walked into a room of men who like to spend their free time catcalling and otherwise harassing women . Every single guy there looked at me like I was a piece of meat…all except for one. When I met Kristian, he actually looked into my eyes and greeted me with respect. I was instantly drawn to him.

If you’re not familiar with music video shoots, it’s kind of like a big party that is also being filmed. Of course there was alcohol and everyone was having a good time. There was some serious chemistry going on between Kristian and I, and we hung out almost the entire day.

As I mentioned before, all of the guys at the shoot looked at the models as objects, not people. By the end of the night I had already encountered someone trying to put something in my drink (The mom in me is saying, “what were you doing drinking at 18?”) and a man grabbing me by my hair. The models were supposed to get a separate hotel room, but something happened and we ended up having to stay in the same hotel suite as everyone else. I was not comfortable with this.

Since I had become a little familiar with Kristian and felt he was a good man, I asked him to sleep in one of the bedrooms with my friend and I so that no one would try anything. He agreed and said, “Nothing is going to happen to you guys, you’ll be safe with me.”

And nothing did happen. Not even with him. He was a perfect gentleman.

I was amazed. Impressed. And I was attracted to him even more because of it.


You would never be able to tell that this was taken the first time we met.

That morning, we went to get something to eat and hung out some more. We talked and made plans to go to Disneyland. He asked me to marry him (we were in Vegas, after all) and although I told him he was crazy, it didn’t scare me off. We didn’t want to go home to our separate cities and say goodbye at all. It was like we had known each other forever. We clicked.

We added each other on social media and stayed in touch. I went home and couldn’t stop talking about the amazing guy I met. (My on again/off again boyfriend didn’t think he was so amazing…sorry not sorry) Kristian came down to San Diego once after that and made sure to stop and see me, even though I was at work.

Fast forward, I made the decision to move to Los Angeles for better job opportunities. I finished cosmetology school, and landed a steady job as a hairstylist/make up artist. We went on a date a little while after I was settled but my schedule was always full and I was still dealing with that on again/off again boyfriend. I couldn’t give any real energy towards dating anyone new.


When life slowed down a little bit, we tried again. And from there? We were inseparable. All of our free time was spent with each other. We cherished the fact that our relationship was completely different from what we experienced before. We inspired and motivated each other to be better people, we lifted each other up. We knew we never wanted to lose that, EVER. We also knew that a majority of people didn’t understand or support how fast our relationship was going, so we went off and got married by ourselves.




Now we are 4 years and 2 beautiful children in.  And to think we would have never met if I had not stepped out of my comfort zone and agreed to help my aunt on one of her video shoots. Kind of crazy how life works, huh?

To my husband, on our anniversary, I say this:

We have been through so much together and while this year has been the hardest yet, I can’t imagine a good life without you by my side. I think my heart has loved you since the first day I met you and my brain just caught up later. If there was one thing I could change, I would go back in time and say yes the first time you asked me to marry you. So in the next life time… can you try a little harder to convince me?

Love you (more) always and forever, your wife.



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