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20 Lists To Make When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Overwhelm is a mom’s worst enemy. It builds and builds and most times we don’t recognize what’s wrong until it knocks us down. We also don’t get enough opportunities to take a “personal day” (if any) so we’re left to find other ways to de-stress and slow down. Having lists to make is one of those ways.

*This is a post in my series “Be A Happier Mom In 31 Days.“*

Having lists to make can be very therapuetic. Read thid list when you're feeling overwhelmed!


I’m a total list person. Making them is so therapeutic. Not to mention, they don’t take too much time away from your daily tasks. You can just sit down, maybe have something to eat, and write out your heart in list form. The greatest thing is that the number of lists to make is infinite! You can do this every time you feel overwhelm creeping up and the outcome will be different every time.


20 Lists To Make When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed


  1. Books you want to read– I haven’t done this one in a long time so if you have any suggestions, share them!
  2. Movies/shows you want to watch– A list for Netflix & chill…but really Netflix and chill because there’s some absolute gold on there and you never get to watch your shows.
  3. Things you’re grateful for– sometimes you need reminding of all the good things you have around you.
  4. New meals you want to cook– all the Pinteresty goodness you’ve been pinning? Write it down and put it into action.
  5. Bucket list– I know we all have a mental bucket list, but how many of us actually have a physical list?
  6. Your favorite memories– have a little visit with nostalgia.
  7. Self-care ideas– You can make this one for when you do actually get enough time alone
  8. Gift ideas for the people you love– This is one of my favorite lists to make. When people mention that they love something, I make a note of it so when birthdays or Christmas or a just because comes up, I have inspiration for a good gift.
  9. All that you have accomplished this week, or month, or year– because you’ve done so much, even if it feels like you haven’t.
  10. Things that make you happy– why not write this list?
  11. DIY projects you want to tackle– Anything around the house that needs to get done or you just want to revamp? Put it on the list!
  12. Free activities to do with the kids– This is a must-have when you run out of ideas or when you’ve outgrown your usual routine.
  13. New things you want to learn– Want to learn something? There’s probably a YouTube video for that.
  14. Your favorite foods– mmm food. Warning: this one might make you humgry.
  15. Things you want to tell your future self– instead of dwelling on the past, tell your future self where you hope to be and what you imagine your life like.
  16. All the places in the world you want to visit– pretty much like a travel bucket list.
  17. Short-term goals– make these and then check them off as you go. So satisfying.
  18. Long-term goals– Think about what you want in your life and how you’re going to get there.
  19. Your favorite quotes–  one of the best lists to make and keep when you need a little inspiration or motivation.
  20. Ways you can make a difference– Volunteering, organizations you want to be a part of, acts of kindness,  local events etc.


Lists are straight to the point, and a great way to get organized. Most times that’s just what our brains need. Are there any lists I’m forgetting to add?


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