4 Lies People Tell You About Breastfeeding

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all opinions within are 100% my own.


A couple weeks ago, I came across a post from a mom in a Facebook group. She was upset because she had made the decision to breastfeed​ and everyone around her was giving her a negative reaction​.

Now I thought this was rare because in my experience, people are so very much pro-breastfeeding. (Side note: This is not meant to be a debate post. Fed is best!)

But then a friend of mine, who just became a mom, made another post just like it. It made me wonder…just how many young women are being encouraged not to breastfeed?

Of course, there are reasons why women can’t breastfeed or end up having to supplement. But that’s a post for another day. Here are 4 ignorant things people say about breastfeeding and why you shouldn’t let any of them change your decision to breastfeed.


1. “You won’t have a life because you’ll have to be around to feed the baby all the time.”

This is actually not true AT all. You are able to pump and store your breast milk so that your baby can eat while you are not there. How do they think working and student moms do it? Do they know how many celebrity moms breastfeed? Mila Kunis, Chrissy Teigen, Adele- if these women can have a life while breastfeeding, so can you.



2. “Do you really want to to carry around a big, noisy pump? That’s embarrassing.”

First, there is nothing embarrassing about providing food for your baby.

Second, if you’re worried about the pump being too bulky or too noisy, the Motif Duo Double Electric is the right pump for you. Between 3 kids and my own life, I am always on the go and have to carry so. much. stuff. The Motif Duo is the smallest pump I’ve ever used but just as effective. When using it, I was surprised that you can hardly hear it. I was able to pump right next to my sleeping baby. There’s even a memory function that saves your preferred pumping settings so you don’t need to set it every time. Talk about convenient.

Look how tiny that is! You can even see if you can get this breast pump through your insurance. But if you can’t…the comfort and ability to pump discreetly is worth every penny.


3. “Breastfeeding hurts.”

Breastfeeding does hurt when you first start…but it goes away as your body adjusts. You just have to give it a little time. It’s true, things can get uncomfortable. You might get mastitis or thrush (which is no joke- I went through it with baby #3 for the first time and wanted to rip my nipples off) but the possibility of getting those shouldn’t​ scare you away from trying to breastfeed.

4. “Formula is so much easier.”

Like I said before, this is not meant to be a debate post and as long as your baby is healthy and fed, you do you boo! BUT I supplemented for a week while I took antibiotics and I actually feel like moms who use formula have it harder than moms who breastfeed.

  • During middle of the night feedings, all I have to do is pull out a boob and that’s it. No extra time spent mixing or warming up.
  • There’s no forgetting the milk/bottles/water at home.
  • Formula is expensive! Especially if you have hungry little hippos like I do.


If you have done the research and have decided breastfeeding is the right choice for you, stick to it! Don’t let someone’s opinions discourage you from breastfeeding. You should have support in your corner with whatever decision you make. And if you don’t have that I’m here to support you, along with so many other amazing moms in our Facebook group. Don’t hesitate to join us!


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Dealing with criticism about your decision to breastfeed? We're here to support you.


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