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The Essential Guide to Kids Style for Busy Moms + $50 Boutique Giveaway

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and wondered how the hell a 4 year old has more style than you and where they get all their clothes? Trick question- we’ve all been there. But the real question is: how do those moms manage to keep their kids style so trendy and cute all the time with all the other demands of mom life? Keep reading for 5 essential tips to keep your kids style on point without spending too much time (or money).

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Want to upgrade your kids style but just don't have the time (or money) to invest? The tips in this essential guide to kids style will help busy moms everywhere.


Don’t overdo it.

This is my number one tip that even I have to remember. I always want to buy all the things for my kids. I mean, what is cuter than little kid’s clothes?! But when you overindulge, you’ll most likely end up with a closet full of new clothes that your kids never got to wear because they grow out of things way too quickly. Resist the urge, girl. Resist.


Keep their closet in mind.

A way to avoid overindulge it is to really be conscious of your purchases. For example, after cleaning out my kids closet to find that my girl had 6 pairs of black leggings and my son had 4 pairs of light blue jeans etc etc, I realized I was being a bit excessive. Just buying clothes without thinking about what they already had. Creating a kind of capsule wardrobe for your kid will definitely help!


Be practical.

Like I said, kids play. Which means they get dirty. We all know that. Avoid buying a lot of clothes that need to be dry cleaned, and opt for clothes you can just throw in the washer. Who has time to dry clean their kid’s whole wardrobe anyways?! Maybe Kim Kardashian but I’m almost certain if you’re here reading this…you don’t.


Comfort is everything.

They are kids. They are going to run and play. If you buy them super fancy clothes that are uncomfortable in, they’ll probably put up a fight about wearing them (no matter how cute they look in them). The baby stage is about the only time you can get away with this, haha.


Style is about personality.

Clothes are a form of expression, so it’s important for your kids style to reflect their personality. If you have a spunky, outgoing kid, consider bold colors and fun prints. On the other hand, if your kid is shy you might want to avoid clothes that draw extra attention to them. Ask the what they like or let them shop with you. It can actually be kind of fun and a bonding moment for both of you!


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