It’s Okay To Not Be Okay- Daily Journal Prompts For Emotional Self-Awareness

Before we get into the list of daily journal prompts, I need to say something. I had another post scheduled for today but if I’ve learned anything during motherhood it’s that plans change. This topic was on my heart instead so here we are.

A mama I connected with through my blog said to me the other day, “Your series has been helping me. I used to say in my head ‘damn she is always so positive and content. How does she do that?’ But I’ve seen a little change already. Can’t wait until I shake this sadness forever and be on your level.”

I really, really, really want to stress this- I am NOT happy or positive all the time. I actually get incredibly lonely and low and when that happens I tend to shut off from everyone. It doesn’t help that all of my people live far away and check up on me through a phone that I can just turn off. It’s just me and the kids all day long and sometimes night if the husband works late. I have to really make an effort not to sink into only being a mom. That means having somewhat of a routine written down, making time for myself throughout the day, possibly sticking the kids in their room with a movie while I work myself through anxiety attack or just need to cry.



I want to let you know that even though I’m preaching on how to be a happier mom, you can’t be happy all the time. I mean, that’s just unrealistic. It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to acknowledge your feelings and get to know them. What’s not okay is allowing negativity to move in and make a home inside of you. (Now, your feelings could be more than just something you can “shake off” and you may need to talk to a professional to figure them out. But that’s a post for another day.)


*This is a post in my series “Be A Happier Mom In 31 Days.“*

Even the happiest of people have negative thoughts from time to time. These daily journal prompts will help lower your stress and increase your happiness.



Benefits Of Daily Journal Prompts

One of the ways I manage is through writing. Most times, I fit it into my morning routine. But if I’ve had a really bad day, I do it at night as a “brain dump” so I can go to bed with a clear mind. Either way, I try to make time every day to write so that anything I’m feeling doesn’t build up and blow up later on. Here are some benefits from doing daily journal prompts:

  • More self-awareness
  • Ability to acknowledge and handle emotions
  • More patience
  • Clarity/closure with certain situations
  • Heal emotional and mental trauma
  • Motivation to achieve goals
  • Increased happiness & less stress


Daily Journal Prompts For The Struggling Mom


  1. How would you describe yourself to a stranger?
  2. What are your best character traits?
  3. If you had to pick one day to relive over and over for the rest of your life what would it be and why?
  4. The biggest lessons I’ve learned from anxiety are:
  5. What do you wish most people knew about you and why?
  6. What inspires you?
  7. What are the three things that scare you the most and why?
  8. Write about an important person in your life who you are grateful for. What do you admire about this person, why have they had such an impact on your life, and what would you like to tell them?
  9. Describe a time you made a poor choice. What did you learn from the situation, and if you could have a do-over, what would you change about the situation?
  10. Write a letter to someone who has wronged you. Tell them what they did, how it made you feel, etc. Get it all out, and then forgive them.
  11. What are your ten worst habits and how do they impact your life?
  12. What was the last thing that made you feel deeply frustrated?
  13. Discuss 3 things you did right today.
  14. Describe the biggest life lesson you’ve learned to date. How did it impact your life?
  15. Today my victories were:
  16. When times get tough I want to remember that _______
  17. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change and why?
  18. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be and why?
  19. Name five moments when you were purely happy.
  20. How do you want to be remembered?
  21. Describe how you want your life to look in 5, 10, 20 years
  22. What was your most embarrassing moment of your life?
  23. What are your greatest qualities?
  24. What are three things you would do if you weren’t afraid?
  25. Describe a situation in which you helped someone else. What did you do? How did it make them feel? How did it make you feel?
  26. Create a bucket list of things you’d like to accomplish or experience in the next 12 months.
  27. What words do you wish someone would say to you when you’re having a tough time?
  28. Write down the things that trigger negative emotions in you, and identify 1-3 strategies you can use to combat each of them.
  29. Make a list of things that are holding you back from your wants, needs, goals, and desires. Be brutally honest with yourself, and brainstorm ways to overcome these obstacles.
  30. What are your ten best talents?
  31. Write about your favorite childhood memories.
  32. Pick one positive word you’d like to focus on this week and come up with a list of things you can do to experience this feeling each day.
  33. What was the best compliment you ever received?
  34. Describe a time when you had to make a really hard choice.
  35. Who has been your biggest supporter? Write them a thank you letter.
  36. Identify one thing you are looking forward this week, and explain why it makes you feel excited.
  37. Name ten things you can start doing to take care of yourself.
  38. What is a trait that you admire most in others? In what ways do you see that trait in yourself
  39. Describe your biggest accomplishment and why it means so much to you
  40. What does self-care mean to you, and how can you incorporate it into your daily routine?
  41. Discuss one thing that happened today that made you happy.
  42. What was your biggest failure and what did you learn from it?
  43. Create a 5-year plan? Write out all of the things you need to do to reach your goals.
  44. My greatest challenge right now is ________
  45. What makes you feel fulfilled?
  46. How do you want to feel tomorrow? What 3 things can you do today to ensure you feel that way?
  47. What was your biggest learning moment this week?
  48. Describe a situation where everything worked out for you.
  49. Describe a time when you sabotaged a good situation for yourself. Explore why you did that.
  50. Identify 3 things in your life that you should be grateful for, but aren’t. How do these things make you feel, and why aren’t you grateful for them?


I keep a copy of this list inside my journal for easy access. For your own printable list, click the link below and download. Before I end this post, I just want to remind you of one thing- even the happiest of people have negative thoughts from time to time. It’s the way they cope with them that makes the difference.

Free Printable Daily Journal Prompts

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