5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Family Car

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Looking to buy a family car but don't know where to start? Check out these 5 Tips for finding your perfect family car.


One of the many upgrades your life gets when you have a family is a new car. You can’t just get any old car though- this one will be carrying the most precious cargo after all. You have to take your time, do the research and really think about your decision. Here are a few important tips for choosing the perfect family car.



Not all cars were created equal. The first and most important thing to consider while buying a car is safety. You’ll want to know how the cars you’re looking at have performed in a crash test. You’ll also want to know if the car passes a car seat check. actually has a nice list of cars that have undergone a car seat safety check, and you can see them here.



The next thing you need to consider is space. If you have a small family and aren’t planning on making it bigger, you may be fine choosing a smaller car, like a sedan. If you have a bigger family, you’ll be carrying a lot of stuff around (more and more as they groe older). Make sure to check out how spacious the back seats and trunk are and if it will be adequate enough for your needs.


Test Drive

Before committing to buying a car, you should always ask to take it for a test drive. Get a feel for how it drives. Is it easy to manage and park? With a family, you might not want something that takes up too much space or takes a while to park.


Gas Mileage

This one is pretty self explanatory, am I right? Always, always get a car that’s great on gas.



There are a few extra things that make driving a car more comfortable. Are you planning on being in the car for long periods of time? You might want a car that has a good video system. Do you live in a warmer climate? Consider getting a car with tinted windows. Bad at parking? A car with a rear camera might be worth it. Pro tip: if you have younger children, avoid getting a car with cloth seats!

There are so many choices when choosing a family car. Hopefully these tips can help you narrow them down and find one you love.

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