Two Baby Shower Mistakes You Should Avoid Making + Free Printable Baby Shower Planning Checklist

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Throwing a baby shower? Make sure you don't make these two common mistakes!


Whether you are throwing it for yourself or for someone you love, a lot goes into planning the perfect baby shower. We have had five showers (yes, five…we have big families!) in the past for J and Savi.

While these collages don’t do them justice, all of the baby showers turned out great. However, there were two things I wish I would have done differently to make them absolutely perfect. Keep reading to find out what mistakes you should avoid when throwing a baby shower and to grab your free printable baby shower planning checklist…you’re going to need it!



For one of the baby showers, I literally just invited the guest list to a Facebook event and that was the end of it. While it was definitely easy and convenient, I wish I would have taken the time out to send physical, paper invitations. I thought it would be too much of a hassle. I thought wrong!

There is this magical company that exists called Basic Invite…and I say magical because they really have thought of everything to cater to your needs.

Basic Invite has the perfect modern baby shower invitations and they are completely customizable. You can also order samples of your invitation before you commit to ordering- which means no opening up your invites only to find words cut off or a misspelled word right before you need to send them out. They also have an address service that allows you to send a link to your guest list to collect their addresses and prints them on your envelopes…for free! Everyone loves free stuff, right?

Earlier I mentioned that Basic Invite is completely customizable. With tons of designs and over 180 different colors to choose from, you can really make your card look exactly how you want it to. I played around with one of their templates and every single element can be changed to whatever color you like.


Thank you cards

I made the biggest mistake with all five showers when it came to thank you cards.

I didn’t grow up knowing that you were supposed to send out thank you cards after having a party. A wedding of course, but other than that it just wasn’t a thing in my family. We all expressed our gratitude in person. So, I didn’t know how many people actually appreciate receiving them in the mail! Some even consider it rude when you don’t send them, so to be on the safe side don’t forget to order some baby shower thank yous for after the shower.


Even though we won’t be having a baby shower for baby Harbin #3, I will be using Basic Invite for other events in the future, like birthday parties and our vow renewal. The prices are great and I love how easy the whole process is.Whether you came to this post looking for boy baby shower invitations, girl baby shower invitations, or baby shower invitations for twins, Basic Invite handles your invitation needs with ease.

Click here to download your Baby Shower Checklist and start planning the perfect shower now!

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