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20 Ways To Give Thanks All Year Long



It’s November and you know what that means?

All month long, we’ll be seeing numerous status updates on social media of what people are thankful for. Family, friends, pets, work, school, food… the list goes on. For one whole month, it is taboo to express any kind of negativity.

And I love that. I appreciate people realizing how blessed they are and highlighting the positive in their lives. But I only have one question.

Why wait until November?

When you are in the habit of being thankful your outlook on life is much brighter and you can find positives in everything. We all experience this every Thanksgiving. But negativity is just so contagious and, like all habits, it is hard to break out of. When holiday season ends, we are right back to letting life get us down.

One of my goals for this month is to be intentional and practice gratitude a lot more often. It sounds ridiculously easy but when you have a lot on your plate? Let’s just say we are all guilty of taking things (and people) for granted at one point or another. I wrote down some ideas and thought I’d share them with you. Here are 25 ways you can give thanks.. and not just around Thanksgiving.

(P.S There is a free printable at the end for all of you lovely TCM readers, enjoy!)


1. Say thank you, especially for little things you normally take for granted. This is a “duh” but I even forget to say it, sometimes.

2. Start a gratitude journal and write something you are thankful for at the end of each day.

3. Send a card or small note in the mail, or give it in person.

4. Praise someone publicly.

5. Share what you have with someone.

6. Buy a cup of coffee for your favorite barista.

7. Make a meal for someone you care about.

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8. Catch a sunrise or sunset whenever you can. They’re beautiful, they happen every day and they are free to watch.

9. Take a walk and enjoy your surroundings.

10. Spend time with people, sans cell phones.

11. Dance, especially if you have had a bad day.

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12. Smile and say hello to people you pass on the street.

13. Give a compliment to a stranger.

14. Don’t complain about anything for a whole day (or see how much longer you can go).

15. Celebrate other’s successes as if they were your own.

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16. Share what you are thankful for with your family when you eat together.

17. Write a positive review of a product, company or restaurant you love.

18. Call your loved ones and tell them you love them.

19. Offer to help those around you in any way you can.

20. Last but not least, be grateful for everything that happens to you, both good and bad.

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What ways do you plan on showing gratitude this holiday season?

And, as promised, here is your free printable. Click on the link to download and enjoy! It is an 8 x 10, but feel free to resize it if you want it a bit smaller. 🙂

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